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Boosting the Mind's Eye

Visualizing for Social and Emotional Intelligence

by Erin Phifer

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2008
Pages: 416
ISBN-10: 1581129688
ISBN-13: 9781581129687
Categories: PsychologyPsychology


Boosting the Mind’s Eye is a theory-based program guiding parents, educators, counselors, and psychologists through progressive steps bolstering emotional intelligence in children and adults through the development of visualization and language skills. This program was originally designed to address the emotional and social deficits of individuals along the Autistic Spectrum; however, it has become a useful tool in aiding the social understanding of all individuals presenting social weaknesses, regardless of diagnoses.

The book offers theory, research, a step-by-step guide, photos, and sample dialogue to improve upon many skills, such as reading facial expressions, body language, emotional vocabulary, visualization, expressive language, and role-playing. This program creates a marriage between instructional and psychological methods addressing the fundamental development of social and emotional skills utilizing imagery and language intervention allowing for the retention of these skills at the process level.

About the Author

Erin M. Phifer lives in Allen, Texas with her husband and two lovely daughters. She practices therapy privately offering services to children through adulthood requiring assessment and treatment for learning disorders, as well as social and emotional development through the use of individual, family, and group interventions. She is currently completing her doctorate in Psychology.