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Network Marketing

How To Play By Your Own Rules and Win

by Charles F. Amick

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 1998
Pages: 186
ISBN-10: 1581128673
ISBN-13: 9781581128673
Categories: Business & EconomicsBusiness & Economics


Between six and seven million people discover network marketing every year. With the promise of a huge monthly income, they trade their hopes and dreams for a chance to sell friends and family their new hopes and dreams. Most network marketers will not be proud of the results. They'll arrive where they started with less money and even less self-respect. Network Marketing: How To Play By Your Own Rules and Win offers an alternative to the traditional plan: an alternative that encourages you to follow your own path to success. Together, we'll start with your first day of network marketing and journey through to your prospecting campaigns. We'll discuss what really works for you and why, and we'll identify warning signs you should watch for. We'll even confront topics that "experts" are afraid to address. By gaining the benefits of proven advice, you'll learn exactly how to achieve your goals. Network marketing can provide you with the happiness, security, and comfort you desire, but only if you succeed. Network Marketing: How To Play By Your Own Rules and Win is the key to discovering the secrets and solutions you need to finally win the game of network marketing.