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Coming of Age in American Anthropology

Margaret Mead and Paradise

by Malopa'upo Isaia

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 1999
Pages: 299
ISBN-10: 1581128452
ISBN-13: 9781581128451
Categories: Social ScienceSocial Science


This is the book, and a must read, of the century. It's anthropological history in the re-making. The American Anthropological best seller, the

Chief Malopa'upo Isaia, a descendant of the Tuimanu'a (king of Manu'a), the very people in Margaret Mead's book, has now raised some very serious traditional and legal issues, in relation to Margaret Mead's book, Columbia University's role, and the American Anthropological Association's 'professional' role. In his book, "Coming of age in American Anthropology", the Chief is now ordering the removal, withdrawal, and the disassociation, of every material by Margaret Mead on his cultural intellectual property. He has also outlined several legal issues which will have serious ramifications globally, on any academic who undertakes any cultural fieldwork, on someone else's cultural intellectual property.

The Coming of age in American Anthropology, may well opens the floodgate to civil lawsuits from the two Samoan Governments for billions of dollars in damages to the business community, the Tourism Industry of Samoa, and from the descendants of the King of Manu'a. It is definitely the case of the century, and a must read for all students of anthropology, psychology, sociology, and law. Chief Malopa'upo Isaia is a name to watch for, as his work will without a doubt change the face of American Anthropology forever.