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Minnesota Swedes Volume II

Trolle Ljungby Families In Goodhue County

by Lilly Setterdahl

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 1999
Pages: 133
ISBN-10: 1581128088
ISBN-13: 9781581128086
Categories: History & BiographyHistory & Biography


Many of the individuals in this study were closely related. They came from an agricultural community in Sweden dominated by a large estate. The pioneers came in search of 'free' land, and they found it in Goodhue County. Former neighbors settled close to one another. Many of the descendants are still tied to the land. The author has endeavored to trace the immigrants from cradle to grave to find out how they fared in their new homeland. But she did not stop there. Whenever possible, she continued her search among the descendants. There are extracts from official records in Sweden and in America for about 320 immigrants. Including their families, the study encompasses more than one thousand individuals.

Explore the intricate kinship within the group, name-changes, moves, occupations, farm locations, family members, and much more. The author, a native of Sweden, has studied and written about Swedish immigration history for the last 30 years. This book is a continuation of Minnesota Swedes: The Emigration From Trolle Ljungby 1855-1912 , which she had published in 1996.