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Reassessing American Culture

A Rebel's Guide

by Gregory Shafer

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Publisher: BrownWalker Press
Pub date: 2005
Pages: 125
ISBN-10: 1581124392
ISBN-13: 9781581124392
Categories: SociologyPolitical ScienceSocial Science


Social scientists are only beginning to question the idea of culture and the way it comes to be part of who we are as a people. While most would suggest that culture emanates from our values and traditions, this book wonders if it is given to us by corporations, media, and political institutions as a way to keep us docile and compliant. So much of what we do, how we dress, and what we value is actually a manifestation of government propaganda and advertising. And so, we embrace sentimental notions about our founding fathers, about marriage, our political system, and time honored rituals. While we think of ourselves as free, we are deluged with messages from powerful conglomerates who want us to dress and act a certain way and who have clear agendas for what they want us to believe about our nation and way of life. This book explores culture and questions the way it is created. Is culture a reflection of our values and traditions or is it dictated to us by powerful entities and political institutions?

About the Author

Gregory Shafer, who teaches English at Mott College in Flint, Michigan, has a doctorate degree in English from the University of Michigan. He has published dozens of articles on writing, politics, and history.