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The New World Order

An Economic Global Regime

by Carlo James

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Pub date: 1999
Pages: 122
ISBN-10: 1581120761
ISBN-13: 9781581120769
Categories: Political ScienceSocial ScienceBusiness & Economics


The New World Order -- far from being anything "new" -- is an order which has been evolving for more than one hundred years. This thesis begins with the idea for an elite establishment of one late 19th century individual, Cecil Rhodes, and shows how it has developed into the several organizations that make up the Global Regime today.

Although the term "New World Order" has been a buzzword since the Bush era, the majority of people around the world remain uncertain of the meaning. This thesis will demonstrate that it is an order with an underlying economic agenda. This is illustrated by examining various reports written by members or the Regime which reveal their goals and intentions, and also by examining detailed studies done on policies they have implemented. Finally, this thesis suggests that the Global Regime is now near its ultimate goal of dominating global economic matters.