Manual of NephrologyDrug Therapy and Therapeutic Protocols in Renal Diseases

by Momir Macanovic and Peter Mathieson

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Book Information: 146 pages

Publisher: Universal Publishers

ISBN-10: 158112516X

ISBN-13: 9781581125160

Year: 2004

This manual contains protocols and guidance documents assembled by the authors during many years of clinical experience in nephrology. Many are not evidence-based but we have found them useful and hope that others will do likewise. The recommendations were made on the basis of clinical trials wherever possible. In the absence of relevant clinical trials, we used evidence available or our personal experience. Our aim was to provide a manual for the treatment of the most frequent kidney diseases or disorders related to the practice of Nephrology. The information may be of use to nephrologists, general internists, general practitioners or medical students.

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About the Author:

Momir Macanovic PhD FRCP Consultant Nephrologist, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Peter Mathieson PhD FRCP FMedSci Professor of Renal Medicine, University of Bristol, UK and Honorary Consultant Nephrologist, North Bristol NHS Trust, Bristol, UK.

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