The Best American Legal Commentary

by Rosemary Passantino (editor)

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Book Information: 197 pages

Publisher: Universal Publishers

ISBN-10: 1581124740

ISBN-13: 9781581124743

Year: 2005

This anthology features accessible, enjoyable, thought-provoking essays on timely legal issues by prominent journalists and scholars. Selected from well-known magazines like Atlantic Monthly, Harvard Business Review, The New Yorker, Slate, and Vanity Fair, each essay explores an important question currently being debated in our counts. Should government intervene in the business of a free market? Should people of the same sex be allowed to marry? Should religious icons be displayed in government buildings? Is a college student who mixes music on his laptop a thief? Any reader who would like to gain insight into the workings of the legal system while taking pleasure in excellent writing will enjoy this valuable collection.

Vikram Amar on What's Wrong with the Modern Jury
Alex Beam on Big Tobacco and Greed
Richard Thompson Ford on Gay Marriage
Christopher Hitchens on Appalling Misdemeanors
Ken I. Kersch on Multilateralism in the Courts
Bryan Lonegan on Heartbreaking Deportations
Nina Martin on Exoneration
Hilary Rosen and Lawrence Lessig on Copyright
Rod Smola on The Ten Commandments
Eliot Spitzer on Business and Government
Jeffrey Toobin on Gerrymandering

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