The Rubinstein AttackA Chess Opening Strategy for White

by Eric Schiller

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Book Information: 224 pages

Publisher: Universal Publishers

ISBN-10: 1581124546

ISBN-13: 9781581124545

Year: 2005

The book discusses in detail the chess opening known as the Rubinstein Attack, and presents analysis and typical games in all the main branches of the opening. This opening system for White can provide the basis for a solid opening strategy that nevertheless provides great opportunities to launch effective attacks against the enemy king. It has been used by many top chessplayers and has been seen in many important tournament encounters. The author presents key middlegame concepts in fully annotated games, so that the reader learns how to carry out the various forms of attack.

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About the Author:

Eric Schiller is an internationally ranked chess master. He holds the title of FIDE Master from the World Chess Federation (FIDE). Dr. Schiller has a Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Chicago and is the author of numerous books on chess, specializing in chess opening strategies. He is also active as an arbiter of major chess competitions, and served as arbiter for the 2000 World Chess Championship match.

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