The Dynamics of Market IntegrationAfrican stock exchanges in the new millennium

by Kenneth K. Mwenda

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Book Information: 124 pages

Publisher: BrownWalker Press

ISBN-10: 1581124015

ISBN-13: 9781581124019

Year: 2003

This book looks at contemporary issues facing financial markets in Eastern and Southern Africa. The book addresses strategies for capital market integration and development on a region-wide basis. An argument is made that the establishment of a regional stock exchange and the promotion of multiple listings and cross-border trade in securities would stimulate increased liquidity on national stock exchanges in Eastern and Southern Africa. Lessons of experience are drawn from other regions and a case is made against transplanting models of a regional stock exchange from one region to another. The book argues that African countries may, however, use lessons of experience from other regions as points of reference, while pursuing their own discourse of self-determination. Each case is unique and is thus surrounded by different variables. The book covers developments in regions such as the European Union, francophone West Africa and Eastern and Southern Africa. Indeed, an international and comparative perspective is provided.

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About the Author:

Before joining the World Bank, Dr. Kenneth Kaoma Mwenda served as a full-time law lecturer at a top UK law school, the University of Warwick. A Rhodes Scholar, Dr. Mwenda holds doctorate degrees in law and business administration, respectively, and is a graduate of, inter alia, the Universities of Oxford, Warwick, Hull and Zambia. Dr. Mwenda has worked in three different continents. He has also been recipient of a prestigious fellowship from Yale Law School and has taught law in the University of Zambia. Dr. Mwenda's works appear in leading academic and professional journals worldwide. He is author of four other books on banking law and corporate finance law, and is listed in the following prestigious biographical publications: International Who's Who of Professionals, the 1999 and 2000 directories; and Marquis Who's Who in the World, the 2000 directory.

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