Book Publishing

BrownWalker Press publishes academic textbooks, scholarly monographs, and edited collections in many fields of academic inquiry. We are primarily interested in specialized manuscripts written by authors who are leaders in their field, with advanced academic degrees, and who make their living through the communication of those ideas to others. The ideal manuscript will be written for an identifiable and easily reachable audience. It should be complete and corrected for errors in language, form and content. Since we can only publish a limited number of manuscripts, when deciding between two manuscripts we will often look at the following criteria: usefulness, originality, writing quality, manuscript preparation, accessibility of audience, and promotional opportunities of the author. If you would like us to look at your work, the first step is to complete our Book Proposal form. A representative will contact you within two weeks with feedback regarding your proposal. If it looks like you have what we're looking for, we'll ask to see your manuscript. Click here to submit a book proposal.

Conference Proceeding Publishers

The Conference Proceedings Publisher is a service from BrownWalker Press for trade and academic conference organizers to publishing their conference proceedings. The purpose is to provide conference attendees and the general public easy access to your conference proceedings and the papers presented at your scholarly event. Click here to request more information.

Journal Publishing

BrownWalker Press publishes select academic jounals. Click here to browse journal titles, or submit a new Journal Proposal.

Academic Conferences, CFPs, Journal Article and Trade Event Postings

Our Event posting system lists thousands of academic CFPs and trade events in hundreds of categories. Users may Add, Search and receive alerts when events of interest are added. All functions are free, and publicly accessible. When a new CFP or event is posted by a conference organizer, it immediately becomes part of the publicly accessible database, tagged and categorized with similar events. Users benefit by being able to easily find and filter events of interest, and may opt to be alerted via email when events of interest are added to the database. Conference organizers benefit from added publicity, and increased search rankings from reciprocal links back to their event homepage. Event organizers may opt to feature their events by added a reciprocal link to their event in the BrownWalker database. Visit the "Conference Chamber" event posting board to Find events (search postings), Add Events (free publicity), Get new event updates (subscribe to alerts).